Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Piccadilly eJournal for the iPad

One of the iTunes apps that caught my attention after I acquired my iPad was this eJournal by Piccadilly. I was looking for something to take notes and downloaded a few different apps, and as I'm familiar with Piccadilly's paper journals I thought the $2.99 price tag for a never-ending notebook was quite reasonable.

The first thing to note is that there is no front cover to this eJournal, so no privacy. If you open the application, every page is available for viewing by you and anyone looking over your shoulder.

Pages are created by title or date, and the eJournal is searchable so that's one point over a paper journal. There are choices of page layout as well, such as butterflies, music, cherry blossoms, skulls; if you want something different, Piccadilly offers additional layouts for 99 cents. You can change the font and the size as you desire, and you can add photos or images, and you can email the entry as a graphic or as text. It's an amazing eJournal, although typing out my entries on a keyboard rather than using a fountain pen (or my finger as with some apps) is different.

The eJournal doesn't seem to have a set number of pages, so I can't give you any dimensions such as "80 gsm with 96 leaves in an 8.5 x 11 leather-like journal." I will be the first to say I miss writing on paper when I use this, as well as writing with a fountain pen and one of my various beloved inks.

But when I'm on the bus and I want to make a quick journal entry about something (lately, I've been recording dreams) then it's ideal. However, you do need an iPad to use it so it's appeal is to a limited group of journal and notebook enthusiasts. :)