Monday, September 20, 2010

American Eagle Star Needle Tip Pens

American Eagle Star is a small importer located in Edison, NJ that deals in variety goods, an old-fashioned term that includes office supplies such as you would find at 99 Cent stores and such. The one brand that seems to be common to the dollar-and-below stores is Elite Series, part of the lineup that includes pens, pencils, scissors, thumb tacks, and many other school and office staples.

I happened upon these Roller Needle Tip Pens at my neighborhood store and added them to my basket. For about $1.19 these are a very nice needle point gel ink pen. The blue ink, which has a vibrancy I didn't expect, flows well and there's no skipping or streaking. There is a slight amount of bleed through of the ink on this Doane Paper notepad, but other than that I have only compliments for the pen. The plastic grip has a diamond pattern to add a little texture to the sleek silver barrel. There's also a side window on the barrel to check the ink level of the pen, and an orange accent on the lettering.

If you happen to see these, get a few packs. They're inexpensive, write well, and look good.

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