Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mosaic at 42nd Street GCT Subway

This is one of the mosaic patterns at 42nd Street Grand Central Terminal's Lexington Avenue Line. All of the pillars have this design, which I found really mesmerizing.


  1. I agree! Very nice. I often wonder how many people actually notice and appreciate the effort that went into something like that.

  2. Those are individual tiles, right? I guess these days you'd have concrete and roll-formed fascia (i. e., plastic).

    Our local library is a neoclassical McKim, Mead, and White pile. Suggests permanence, importance, psychological "vesting". Maybe something like FPs--a deliberate decision to move up and spend more . . .

    Coupla idle thoughts on a Saturday . . . . Thanks for this snapshot of the big city. Jack/Y-town