Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tom Bihn Pen & Pencil Organizer

Here's a great pen and pencil organizer from Tom Bihn, a clear pouch that looks small but can fit a lot into it, including double pointed knitting needles which are a must for me right now. (I'm considering purchasing the Tom Bihn Swift knitting bag which looks amazing, and one or two other things that I didn't get with this recent order.)

The Organizer is quite roomy, and fits about 7 or 8 pens depending on how chunky they are (like the Lamy). I love the snaphook that let's me attach it to the inside of my tote bag, and the clear front that lets me see what's in the case and where it it.

I like this little organizer a lot, and will probably order one or two more. For the price, the quality, and the fun they are well worth it.

I didn't specify any particular color when I ordered so they sent this steel-colored organizer. But you can request a color such as Wasabi, Kelly, Navy, Steel, Crimson, Plum, Deep Blue, Sapphire, Olive, Black and the vintage colors of Storm, Pink, Grid, and Cocoa.