Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Muji Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm in Plum

Like The Pen Addict I really like the Muji gel ink pens, and have a selection of colors in 0.38mm and 0.5mm. So when I saw some on eBay I figured they were nothing special, until I went to look at the color selection. Wine? Plum? Yellow-Green? Hmmm, some different colors not available in the US stores. I ordered the Plum, and as they were comng from Hong Kong the shipping was high but not outrageous. The total cost was about $2.50 per pen, but this is a one-time splurge.

The Plum gel ink (the 0.5mm in the pic above) is very close to the Red, I had to look carefully to see the difference. But eventually I realized that the Plum had pink in it while the Red had yellow added in. Love the color and am wondering what the Wine looks like.


  1. Glad your international order turned out okay, PB.

    Anyone have any experience ordering from www.pencils.jp, an online retailer based in Nishinomiya, Japan?

    Their Web site has the Kutsuwa pencil extenders mentioned by B2-kun below, and other items not yet found easily in the States.


  2. These belong to my favourite gel pens - the range of colours is enormous and I like the looks of them! Thanks for colour samples!

  3. I live in Hong Kong, mwahaha. People really love Muji pens around here. The ones in the picture costs HKD6 - that would be less than $1 in your american dollars. Good travel destination, aye? (;

    Btw wine looks more pinky. Not as pink as deep pink, but more like mixture of red/purple/pink.

    My favourite is still Mandarin Orange, though, which is only available at 0.38 :)

  4. the colour i've been looking for unsuccessfully for a few years now is dark green. they had it in bangkok in 2005 and also in barcelona in 2006. i've since looked in london, paris, new york, and singapore, to no avail. if you find it and tell me how to get it, i'll be eternally grateful.


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