Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rhodia Meeting Book

I'd read a bit about the Rhodia Meeting Book but hadn't seen one until a few weeks ago at the Essex Card Shop. Into my basket it went, and sat on my desk waiting for a meeting. When no meeting appeared, I decided to jot down all of the phone calls and different things that come up during the day, much like my planner but with more space for notes and scribbles.

And there is a lot of space to make notes and add actions, all on wonderful bright white 80gsm paper with orange accents. This is the smaller planner measuring 6.5 inches by 8.25 inches, and it fits perfectly into bag or briefcase (but not in a back pocket). I've started carrying it around to take notes about different projects such as knitting (can that lace yarn really work in a size 6 needle?), along with follow ups and other stuff (S. promised to wind the skeins of yarn for me at no charge, even though I didn't buy them at her store).

While I'm not more organized I definitely look the part, and sometimes that's all that matters.


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