Monday, February 8, 2010

Sailor Ink Bar Disposable Fountain Pen

I've been looking at this Sailor Ink Bar disposable fountain pen at for some time and decided to get one when I was rounding out a recent order. It's a very basic fountain pen: white plastic body that has a clear plastic panel to show the ink level cap, and clear plastic cap that covers a fine point nib. Ink is black or blue-black, nothing amazing but just a good workhorse fountain pen. But there are some thrills to come.

Julie (Okami) from Whatever points out this post from Good Pens that takes you step-by-step through the process of removing the nib off your disposable pen and refilling it with the ink of your choice. So I gave it a try, carefully pulling the nib out with a pair of regular plyers. I'm looking forward to using up this black ink and adding some of my own,


  1. Will Sailor fit a medium nib to this well-regarded, priceworthy "four locations" FP
    (i. e., home, office, school, road)?


  2. I'm not sure, although the line isn't as fine a point as some fountain pens. I'd say it's more between fine and medium, so it might work for you. Of course I put it down somewhere and can't find it! @@#$#@!!!#$#%%^^$!@

  3. Thanks, Diane!

    I've been looking at ads from the 1920s for handsome Watermans and gentlemanly Parkers for $2 up to $10 and more. Maybe one or two days' pay back then for many factory workers, schoolmasters, et. al.

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but I'll guess most pen-and-ink writing a century ago was done with inexpensive, reasonable quality steel-nibbed dip and fountain pens. Those fountain pens seem to me represented by today's Sailor Ink Bar, Pilot Varsity, Pelikano, Platinum Preppy, etc.

    Thanks for the post. Jack/Youngstown

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