Monday, February 22, 2010

Pentel Karen C4 Multi-Pen

Since I've been interested in multi-pens lately, I thought I'd check out this Pentel Karen C4 multi-pen, especially as I loved the pastel colors. It's not a bad pen, but it is a ball point and the line is too small for my taste although I normally love 0.5mm gel ink pens.

The pen itself is cute but not too cute: the pastel colors are lovely, and the green ink deploys when you press down on the pen clip, which is definitely cute. But I'm just not that into ballpoints, and I couldn't get into writing with this. I'm thinking a gel ink hack is in order, and will have to compare it to my Hi-Tec-C ink refills to get a sense if any will work. Otherwise, into the pen tray it goes for those rare times I need a ballpoint.


  1. I like multi pens as well. It looks like your Karen uses the "standard" mini ballpoint refills. If so, you should tri the Monteverde SoftRoll refill in the superbroad 1.4mm ballpoint. I found them at Art Brown Pens in NYC, but there are probably many other sources. It really made my Faber-Castell multi pen into a good writer (although I still prefer my fountain pens).

  2. Thanks so much for that info on the Moteverde SoftRoll, I'll have to look for them at Art Brown. And I'm with your about preferring my fountain pens. :)

  3. I would consider the Pentel C4 an excellent pen. It is a great underlining pen, much better the 1.0mm ball point pens or gel pens. I use it for underlining passages within my Bible and I have found it to be the best I have used so far. I have tried the Bic four color and the Quantrun three color and prefer the Pentel C4 above them


  4. ya...the pen is aightttt. i would get married to it if california law would let me. rawr.


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