Monday, December 13, 2010

Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen

Here's a fountain pen I am forever forgetting about, yet it's one of the more distinctive in my collection due to it's color--Sheaffer's Prelude in Radiant Magenta.

The fine nib is made of steel, and it is definitely one of the finest lines in my pen collection and akin I'd say to a Sailor fine nib.

One of the more interesting points is the the grip along the section, with padded areas so your hand doesn't cramp or get overly tired holding it. I haven't had that problem, and I like how the ink flows very smoothly from this nib so that I don't have to press very hard to write. No skipping or false starts, just a nice writing experience.


  1. Is that with the Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges that come with the pen?

  2. It kinda looks like Lexington Grey? ::shrug::

  3. Tom I was using the converter that came with it and the ink is DeAtramentis Sherlock Holmes, a beautiful night sky color.

  4. Very beautiful pen, and the nib is very smooth, thanks for share