Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rhodia No. 210 Le Carre Large Notepad

One Rhodia notepad I've gotten to like a lot, in the same way that my Reverse Book grew on me, is this stubby large square of graphed paper called Le Carre, which measures 8.25 x 8.25 (but a bit smaller when page is torn out of the pad).

Roughly the same size as the Reverse Book, Le Carre folds over like a regular notepad but can be used in both portrait and landscape styles. With the landscape, there's the feel of a journal or notebook rather than a pad, which I like when taking notes.

Same great quality Rhodia paper, with the 5x5 grid pattern making for some slight inability to read the writing (dark inks are useful with grid paper; the Edelstein Jade above seems to just fade into the violet lines). What's probably really great about this notepad is how...edgy it looks. Coolness cannot be ruled out when assessing notepads, and Rhodia has a winner in this.


  1. I love the size and look of the reverse book and le carré but I do not like graph. If either of these came in a Dot Pad or blank I would be all over it.


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