Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kuretake Zig CocoIro Letter Pen

Kuretake makes a wide selection of pens, but the brush pens are of real interest to me. JetPens carries quite a few Kuretake pens, including this unusual-looking CocoIro letter pen with a flexible, brush-like tip. It's very different, in a lot of ways: the soft plastic body and rounded end give it a very plush feel, while the muted pastel colors make this seem more like a child's plaything than a pen.

Overall, it's fun. Not a pen I'd grab automatically, but something I'd use when I wanted to joke around or play. The refill colors are awesome--blood red, anyone? I chose my favorite, blue black, but I like all six.

If you're feeling silly then these CocoIro pens (and the refill, which is separate) are for you. Not a pen for heavy duty note-taking, but something to add some fun and softness to your writing experience.

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