Friday, October 5, 2012

Uni-ball Style Fit Single Color Slim Gel Ink Pen

Saw these Uni-ball Style Fit Single Color Slim gel ink pens with a 0.38 mm tip and a 0.5mm tip and decided to try them both out so I could see how they compared to each other. I got a 0.5mm  in blue and and a 0.38 in blue-black, and have given them a pretty good writing workout over the past few days doing some research projects that require a lot of note-taking.

The Style Fit Single Color Slim is a little strange looking, but it's a very cool pen:  definitely slim (about half the size of a G2 or B2P), but standard-length so it doesn't get lost in your pencil cup.  The long, clear plastic section gives you a good view of how much ink you have remaining while also making about a third of the pen seem to disappear.

It's a simple pen, just three parts to it.  The ink refill fits into a slot inside the pen where the plunger, so no spring to get lost.  You have a choice of refills, as well: gel ink, ballpoint, and pencil. I like that I can change not only the colors and tip size but the format as well, and may check out the ballpoint options.

I have to say that I really preferred the 0.5mm over the 0.38mm tip.  The latter seemed more like I was writing with a nail, and I found myself really grinding into the paper. The 0.5mm was smoother in my hand, and writing felt easier and more natural. But I do love the blue-black color of the 0.38mm refill, and will have to look for some in 0.5mm at JetPens.

If you are looking for a new pen to add to your collection, check this out. I've really enjoyed writing with it, even the 0.38mm.