Monday, October 1, 2012

Pilot B2P Recycled Ballpoint Pen Review

Thanks again to Pilot Pen and for sending some pens to review. Along with the other pens was this Pilot B2P Recylcled Ballpoint Pen, which I was really looking forward to trying out.

L-R: Ballpoint, Gel Ink

One of my favorite pens is the Pilot B2P Recycled Gel Ink pen, a sturdy roller ball that takes a G2 gel ink refill. I love the clear blue color, it does remind me of a water bottle and it's easy to spot on my desk or in my pen tray.

The B2P Ballpoint has a bright blue semi-soft grip, and a different style of clip that identifies the width, which is a nice feature if you're looking for a certain tip for writing. All in all, lots of points for styel and design.

Writing with the B2P ballpoint surprised me. It writes well, with very good ink flow and almost no ink blobbing on the paper. So little there's to no staining, which I really appreciate. The tip glides smoothly, didn't catch or skip on the paper, and this medium size is not too wide. Comparing the gel ink with the ballpoint above, the gel ink took a lot longer to dry and the 0.7mm tip seemed a bit too wide.

Definitely a good ballpoint, which I find I'm using more regularly now. If you're looking for a cute ballpoint that gets high marks on the Green scale (86% post consumer recycled material) then check out the Pilot B2P Ballpoint.