Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daycraft 2013 Executive Diary (A5 English Version)

Many thanks to Daycraft and Mr. Foreal Lee for sending me this 2013 Executive Diary to try out.  I do like Daycraft products, some of which are very clever, like these Retro Arcade notebooks, and all of which are useful and well-made.

The 2013 Executive Diary I received is an A5 size, about 5.8 by 8.3 or roughly the same size as a Rhodia No. 16 notepad (my favorite).  It's made of a very sturdy yet soft Italian PU leather, and I really like the clasp and elastic closure that keeps it secure.  The paper is 70gsm, not especially fountain pen friendly but I've learned to live with a bit of bleed through or shadowing.

Conversion tables
What I also enjoy in Daycraft diaries is the enormous amount of information that comes along with these page-a-day calendars.  There's an International holiday guide, a basic international guide (with information on tourist information, currency, electricity supply, and driving information), IDD codes for phoning home, a Vintage Chart showing the best year for things like German Mosel and Loire White, conversion tables, size tables, and a new favorite of mine--nutrition and health guides.

Size conversions next to a calorie table--accident?

My favorite--Nutriton & Health, with a cool food pyramid

January 2013

Each month starts off with a gray page on the left with a quote ("Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend"--Theosphstus, 372 BC - 287 BC), while the right page has a lined section for notes as well as a quick month-at-a-glance calendar.  The gray ink makes a nice contrast with the ivory paper, as well as with this particular pink Executive Diary.  All in all, great design.

The paper is, as I mentioned above, 70gsm and therefore a bit on the thin side.  I had some shadowing with a gel ink pen I used, as well as with one of my Pilot fountain pens.

Some shadow effect from the gel ink pen

What did surprise me what when I switched to a Noodler's Ahab Flex and used a gentler store with the nib--no shadow at all.  So I will have to try not to press so hard and see how that works as I use this more in the new year.

Finally ,there's a very nice pocket in the back of the Diary for papers, receipts, whatever you need to carry.

If you're looking for some great stationery products besides a 2013 Diary, take a look at their website.  I like these Astrology notebooks with a landscape view, as well as their Signature notebook.  You may want to take the plunge and place an order for some really well-made notebooks and journals.  And check out their Facebook page, there are some great photos of their products in action.