Friday, June 15, 2012

Ohto Dude Fountain Pen Review

A new addition at JetPens is this Ohto Dude Fountain Pen, which looks amazing.  It's a full-sized fountain pen with a hexagonal shape, and the coated brass body gives it some heft.  I love the deep purple color and metallic sheen of this pen.  The six-sided barrel doesn't feel strange when you're holding it as the edges are slightly rounded so it doesn't jab your palm.

The black plastic section is hard and adds a nice contrast to the silver and purple colors.  The pen cap and barrel end have silver tassies encasing small silver rounds, a smooth, modern design but very reminiscent of the jewels you find on a vintage pen.

The cap clicks onto the body securely, and the bevelled silver rounds give the pen a "nipped waist" look.  There's a very solid rectangular metal clip that echoes the straight line of the barrel side, giving it a spare look.  A fussy clip would look out of place on such a modern-looking pen.

The Ohto Dude takes short international cartridges or you can add a converter to your cart and use bottled ink, which is what I did.

How does it write?  The fine nib is more of a Western than Japanese fine and the line looks to be about a 0.4mm or 0.5mm width, about a medium in gel ink pens.  While the nib started off as hard as a nail, with some use it wasn't quite so stiff.  Definitely nowhere near a flex nib, but I found there was great ink flow and no skipping or dry start.

This is a great-looking pen with four color choices, including blue, black, and silver.  It's very affordable, so if you're looking for a new fountain pen take a look.


  1. i got it and i like writing with it, but wow- is the cap difficult to put on and take off!

  2. I live in Southern California 300 yards from the beach. How can I pass on a pen called DUDE?

    Which converter did you order for it?

  3. Carmen, you're right about the cap. But I have a habit of playing with the cap, pulling it on and off so this should break me of it.

    Note Booker, Esq that's pretty much what I was thinking as well. I had to keep myself from typing "the Dude" 'cause it's not a movie review.

    I bought the Ohto converter for it, but if you have a Sailor around that might work. The Ohto converter's got a very wide opening that looks very much like some of my Sailor converters.

  4. This pen looks cool. I used a fountain pen made by JetPens while staying at a hotel in New York and really liked it. Can't remember what the model was though, which is a shame as it wrote so smoothly. But this one looks like it's a good pen to try.

    I've just found this blog. It's great and looking forward to reading more pen reviews!

  5. I recently bought this pen not too long ago. It writes pretty decent (really depends on the type of paper you use) it writes better (smoother, doesnt fade in and out) in my Clairefontaine notebook than it does my moleskine. It is a pleasure to write with and is among one of my daily users. The cap coming on and off I agree is a bit difficult but its nice to know it wont come off in my purse or something. Beautiful pen.

  6. Thank you for the review. We are quite proud of the Dude around the office and glad that everyone loved it. It is also available with a Ceramic Ball tip as well for those that love the design but live a ball tip! We have it on Amazon -- not sure if JP has it or not.

    Full Disclosure: I am with OHTO Americas.


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