Friday, July 6, 2012

Diamine Sargasso Sea Ink Review

Many thanks to B. for color correcting the above pic. This looks much better.
Many thanks to JetPens for giving me the chance to review one of Diamine's new inks, Sargasso Sea.  One of Diamine's new inks introduced on June 1, it's a very deep blue with what I'd say was just a touch of purple, but not much.

I love Sargasso Sea's dark blue color. There's good saturation of the InkJournal paper, though I had a hard time seeing much shading.  It's also a fast drying ink, didn't smudge on my hands at all. I used a vintage Parker Duofold with a Lucky Chance fine-medium nib with the above InkJournal test, and liked the way the ink looked on the bright, thick paper. 

Here's a comparison of Diamine Sargasso Sea with a few other blue inks that I thought was interesting.: Everflo's True Blue, Noodler's Henry Hudson Blue, and Noodler's Manhattan Blue.  Henry Hudson, which Noodler's makes for the Fountain Pen Hospital, has much more purple in it, while the Noodler's Manhattan Blue (for Art Brown) has more black in it.  Everflo's True Blue is lighter and, like its name, a truer blue.  Sargasso Sea is much darker, but there's also a brightness to it that I like.

Sargasso Sea is a great addition to the Diamine line up, take a look at their other new colors as well over at JetPens.


  1. Thanks for the review! I do like this color, I think it's a very pretty blue. I like good, saturated blues!

  2. Diane... your ink notebook photos are appearing as if the paper is blue... either color correct your photos, or publish a new review.

    Blue on blue is hardly representative of this ink.

  3. Changed the photos, best I can do.

  4. I thought it would be darker than that (am looking on the diamine website). Looks more like Mediterranean blue (I have this colour).


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