Friday, June 8, 2012

Dong-A Cronix Ballpoint Pen Review @JetPens

Thanks to JetPens for sending me this Dong-A Cronix Ballpoint Pen, which has a big 1.0mm tip and uses a quick-dry, hybrid ink that I was curious to try out.

The Cronix is a light pen and has a soft rubber grip that provides both comfort and stability in writing, for people like me who tend to hold their pens too tight and destroy the soft sections.  The 1.0mm tip offers a nice line, not as wide as a gel ink 1.0mm but definitely a width I like.

Trying it out I found that the ink wasn't as quick-drying as I expected.  Maybe the heat had something to do with that, as I left it near a window that gets full sun most of the day and that might have effected the ink.

More likely it was the Clairefontaine 90gsm paper I used to test it, which is probably too dense for a ballpoint ink.  I'll have to try it on a regular office supply notepad like you would find in an office, but for some reason I can't find any so I'll have to wait.  I think the Cronix would work very well for everyday use, but not on paper meant for fountain pens.

One thing I liked is that it didn't leave any ink blobs on the paper, which is a big problem with ballpoints and smudging.  The side of my hand is always covered in ink when I use a ballpoint since the ink blob hasn't dried by the time I return to that place.  So the Cronix solves that problem very nicely.

The Cronix parts

You get three color choices (black, blue, red), and this blue ink is deep and rich.  I was impressed with how good the color is, because thin lines don't show the ink as well but this one does.  If you like ballpoints and are looking for something different that's easy on the pocketbook, do think about a Dong-A Cronix Ballpoint.