Friday, June 1, 2012

Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen

Another item that came from JetPens is this Pink Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen with a fine nib.  The pen celebrate's the company's centennial, and it's a beautiful and colorful pen.  The pink in particular looks like it should be surrounded by baby chicks and bunnies it's so cute.

These are inexpensive as fountain pens go, but the nib is as high-quality as you can get.  It's a Japanese fine, which puts it in the Western extra-fine category, and it writes beautifully.  I didn't feel like using a converter, which is available, but went with the black Sailor ink cartridge that came with it.  Popped that in and the nib wrote from the first stroke, with no false starts or skipping, so I give this high marks for ink flow.

The cap screws onto the barrel, so no worries about it coming off.  There's a great selection of colors, 15 in all including metallics, clear, white with accent colors, and clear with accent colors.  There's only one nib size, however, which is the fine.

One thing that's different in my pen from the JetPens website is the cap.  Mine has a blue dot and star, while the website shows those in the same pink color as the pen body.  This may be the case with the other pens, but it doesn't detract from the overall look.