Monday, December 19, 2011

Mark's Ballpoint Pen

A recent Lost Crates item was this colorful ballpoint pen from Mark's, a Japanese stationery and pen company with some really interesting items (like the notebooks shown in this catalog on the Mark's Europe website).

The packaging alone was stunning, a silver-gray box (at first I thought I'd been send a Lamy pen) and the pen packed inside a clear tube with silver caps. Really quite beautiful.

This ballpoint has a magnetic closure, so when capped it fits tightly and won't slip off. That's something I really appreciate, as I don't like carrying a pen when the cap has been misplaced.

I've swapped out the ballpoint ink refill and put in a MonteVerde gel ink cartridge, so I can have my favorite gel ink in the new pen.


  1. OK, OK , Sheesh .. I just left the Lost Crates site and signed up. Set for Feb ship.

    I the mean time I have been a busy shopper (Merry Christmas to Me;).

    A Kaweco Sport, Travelers Notebook. I HATE YOU ALL....

  2. I got this pen in my Lost Crate this month, too. Love the magnetic capping. I put a Parker gel cartridge in mine.

  3. Derrick, when you get your first order I hope you'll blog about it here. Aimee, same with you if there's something you'd like to write about (either Lost Crates or anything else). I'm backed up with work and knitting and so posting is lighter than I'd like it to be. :)

  4. Don't have a problem with that. I am enjoying the new FP I got yesterday. Wrote a few letters last night for post crossing and LWA. Definitely a different experience. This is my FIRST fountain pen and I'm glad I read a bunch of the blogs before making the leap. Scription and Good Pens were a big help.

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