Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper

To start off the Carnival, here's a great post on favorite pens by Nifty of Notebook Stories, founder of this monthly extravaganza.

Tom Lynch at Went Sketching has a fantastic post featuring one of my favorite pens, the Pilot Falcon. He's also got a review up of the new Noodler's Ahab flex fountain pen which is a must-read.

Economy Pens puts a Zebra in tulle, or something like that (sounds like something out of Fantasia, with ballpoints and gel inks dancing around a fountain of Noodler's Black Swan ink).

Multi Pen Dimentions has a great review of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto in metallic gray, there's something very Klaatu Barada Nikto about that pen.

While I don't watch Mad Men that often, whenever I read about the show I think of the guy who runs their supply room. Here's a great picture of Parker Jotters in a rainbow assortment.

Inkophile has a great review of Noodler's Blue Nose Bear, an ink I'm tempted to buy just for the name.

Over at Does This Pen Write is a great post comparing markers, Cra-Z-Art versus Crayola.

Goldspot Pens has a really nice post on alternatives to buying a Mont Blanc. I love that Laban pen, and I wanted to put this in the Carnival since every midway needs its sales stalls.

Plannerisms took a poll asking a seemingly simple question: white or cream? Paper that is, and the results were surprising.

Peninkcillin has two posts I want to highlight: a review of Waterman Havana Brown Ink, and this review of the Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen.

Kim at Tiger Pens Blog reviews the Pentel Lancelot Ballpoint, one very attractive pen I might add.

Via Dave's Mechanical Pencils I cam across The Catalogue of American Mechanical Pencils by Jonathan A. Veley. This looks amazing, and you can purchase it as an ebook or on a CD, or the photo supplement alone.

777 Pen Repair
has an interesting post on Noodler's ink, is it dangerous? There have been many posts on different forums about the corrosive qualities of certain inks on fountain pens, so take a look at Tyler's thoughtful writing.

Nancy Olson, Ink
always has some amazing photos of pens, stationery, and more over at her place and this Lominchay Riviera Waves is no exception.

The Pen Addict hosts a guest post by Bryan on the Pilot Prera, definitely a fantastic little fountain pen.

Finally, Brian Goulet over at Ink Nouveau has a really great tutorial on Goulet Pens' swab shop, which in itself is one of the most valuable sites on the Internet. Hundreds of q-tips gave up their cotton so that we might see Diamine Twilight ink on white and ivory paper, so do head over and take a look.

Update: Looks like at least one submission didn't make it through to me (I've had that happen too), and it's a good one from Julie (Okami) at Whatever on the Franklin-Christoph Penvelope.

Update II: Steven H. submitted these great posts that also didn't get through to me, one on a custom-made desk organizer and the other on the fabulous new TWSBI ink bottles.

The next Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 and is hosted by Goldspot Pens. You can submit posts here.


  1. Hey thanks a lot for hosting this and for posting my article!

  2. Always new wisdom at the Carnival. Brian Goulet (Goulet Pens) has among the lowest shipping costs I've found for the single-bottle ink buyer.

    I also want to scold three local NE Ohio libraries for turning down my suggestion that fellow Buckeye and avid mechanical pencil collector Jonathan Veley be sponsored by one of them for a talk about his enormous collection. Gee, have you never heard of circulation-building and popular interest? Gosh, do you think it says something that I first read of Mr. Veley's collection on a New Zealand Web site, and, later, a German Web site?


  3. Hey Diane!

    What a great post. Lots of stiff to check out.
    And I can't tell you how happy I am to be at the top of the list!

    Tom, NYC

  4. Thanks for the link. Great selection!

  5. It really is a carnival, thanks for the mention!

  6. Thanks for hosting this month, and for fixing that glitch.

  7. All are welcome, and that's interesting about Veley, Jack. He must have some collection!

  8. Diane, I've only seen the Veley Collection on his site. That, plus Kiwi Dave and Lexikaliker's mentions, were good enough for me to try to get him a speaking and book-signing invitation.

    What's startling is, I think, mechanical pencils may be harder to collect than fountain pens. EBay results for fountain pens outnumber those for mechanical pencils by 5 to 1, e. g. Great Carnival, Diane!


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  11. I just love the carnival image with the Ferris wheel and balloons. I can't make out the artist's name on the bottom right corner. Do you know who it is?


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