Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Mate Liquid Flair XFine Pen

One of the more unusual pens I've found at the office is this Paper Mate Liquid Flair felt tip pen with a needle point tip. While billed as an extra fine, it actually has a 0.7mm line width so it's really more of a medium.

The pen has a lot of different design elements to it: the clear plastic cap has an inside guard, like some of my Pilot Namiki fountain pen demonstrators. The end of the barrel has a blind cap that reminds me of a vacumatic filler, and it is loose enough to almost seem like it will come off and reveal a button filler system. The design on the barrel reminds me of a Benzene ring.

Writing is smooth and the ink dries quickly so smears are at a minimum. It remind me of the Flair pen but in an updated format (more space-age). A few minuses: the design on the barrel is very obviously misaligned, so the rings don't match up. The solid gray bar along the barrel is misaligned as well, so you get this curving feature as you turn the pen in your hand. Just a bit sloppy, and hopefully an outlier. Otherwise, a very good pen for daily use.

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