Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fountain Pen Friendly Notepads by Richard Binder

I was really delighted with these notepads when I saw them at the March Long Island Pen Show, produced by Richard Binder especially for fountain pen use. There are six bright white notepads (5.25 by 8.5) featuring a different high resolution reproduction of a vintage fountain pen. My favorite is the golden brown striated Sheaffer's Crest from around 1938, but each pen is beautifully detailed and as much a miniature poster of a great-looking fountain pen as a notepad. Second sheet is also available if you want to use this as stationery, or just don't want the pens getting in the way of your writing (although according to the website the photos can be written over with no skipping).

I love this paper, which is smooth but not impermeable (it's uncoated, which makes a big difference). Fountain pens glide over it, the ink doesn't smear as it is drying fairly quickly, and there's something great about the feel of this premium paper that makes it the equal to Rhodia and Clairefontaine. The price is good ($18 for 6 notepads), and the whole look sets it apart as a very high-quality niche product. Check this out at Richard Binder's site, and if you're ordering something consider adding a set of fountain pen notepads to your haul.