Wednesday, August 4, 2010

O'BON Wildlife Pencils

One product Kevin from O'BON sent me was this triangle pack of Wildlife Pencils; all O'BON pencils are made the same way with a graphite core wrapped in recycled newspaper. This set contains 10 2B pencils in animal prints and patterns and their signature "Save Wildlife" phrase.

I think these recycled newspaper pencils are a lot of fun, starting with the different patterns (I chose a tiger print but could have gone with a snakeskin, giraffe, bear, parrot, or grass prints to play around with) and then the really cool sharpener effect. The recycled newspaper doesn't easily break off when you sharpen the pencil, so you're left with one very long whirl of newspaper that for some reason I enjoy (rather than yellow and graphite shavings).

The 2B graphite is fine for writing, hard enough so I can press down without shattering the point but soft enough for some shading in my letters. No smeary writing, a "green" pencil, and a cute theme make this O'BON a winner.