Thursday, August 26, 2010

The First Page

Some journals, like Rhodia's Webbie (right) and Lett's Rush Notebook (below left), are constructed so that the first page is pulled to the left just by being glued to the cover.

I'm not fond of writing on that first page, as it's uncomfortable and inconveniently placed. But I also don't like leaving it plain and unwritten, either (the Lett's is an example of that).

Unfortunately, removing the page doesn't work either--there's a huge tear mark on my Rhodia Webbie that's unattractive and distracting. Is this an issue for anyone else, and if so what do you do?


  1. Diane, I tend to put used trophy nametags on the first page as mementos of a notable visit. Google, Web Managers Roundtable, and DC Connections are on the first page my current notebook.

    I also put my phone number. Did get a call from a coffee shop after I left my book.

  2. Dick that's a great idea, I can also place stickers and other things I want to keep track of on those pages as well.

  3. Yeah, those front pages bug me too. I try to ignore them by using them as a kind of "title" page to state the basic theme of what the notebook is used for. Also, as Dick does, I put my phone number and email address on it.

  4. You'll shudder, but how about folding at the glue line?

  5. I always put a picture, drawing or card on the title page. And telephone number :o)

  6. Besides the standard phone number & e-mail address just in case it got lost, I do write down the dates of major personal events that happened during the time I was using the notebook. That way, when I look back on the journal years later, I see a quick summary of what was going on in that book.


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