Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noodler's Henry Hudson Blue for FPH

Noodler's other new ink for the Fountain Pen Hospital is Henry Hudson Blue (HHB), which from the picture I posted the other day I took to be a dark, cold, intense blue. So I was really surprised when I decided to swatch the color next to Noodler's Manhattan Blue, an Art Brown exclusive. HHB has a lot more purple in it than I originally thought, it's definitely not a pure, cool blue as it seemed from the liquid in the cap and bottle. Next to each other, I find I really like the Manhattan Blue color a lot.

Writing with it, the ink is quite nice although my Pelikan M205 fine point was definitely in a bad mood and really resisted the Rhodia notebook. I don't think it was the Noodler's ink, as the one I flushed was Noodler's Widowmaker, which the pen really liked (as do I). And the HHB takes so long to dry, something that I hadn't noticed with the Old Dutch Colony Sepia because the Moleskine Reporter Notebook was absorbing the ink like crazy. On better quality paper, I couldn't believe how long the HHB stayed wet. Not a great option for lefties, I'd say.

I do like the picture on the bottle, early New York before the European invasion. And I do see now that this snapshot does show how intense and bright the HHB is, although not the purple shading. But I am wondering how this particular blue was chosen to represent Henry Hudson--is there something particularly Dutch about it?

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