Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilot Hi-Tec 0.5m (not the Hi-Tec-C)

A few weeks ago I tried out some needle point Zebra Sarasa Stick Pens. While I liked the point, I didn't like the tiny 0.3m line. Looking through my pens the other day I found what I thought was a Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.5m that I had bought but never taken out of the cellophane wrapper, a violet to go with the blue black one I really like. I unwrapped it and absently started to write a note, only to stop short and take a really good look at the pen. That's when I discovered it's a Pilot Hi-Tec, not a Hi-Tec-C; it has a needle point and a 0.5m tip and writes like a dream!

I bought the pen at Kinokuniya a few months back, but figured the violet was just like the blue black so I didn't use it right away. This is everything I wanted in the Zebra Sarasa 0.3m but didn't find--a wider line and smoother writing. I like the way the needle point looks when it's scrolling across the Doane Paper; the grip is comfortable but not padded in any way. I'm definitely going to purchase a few more of these in different colors, starting with my favorite blue black color.


  1. What a pretty color! I like that a lot.

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