Friday, September 9, 2011

Renaissance Art Leather Moleskine Cover

My journals travel with me and tend to get beaten up, so I wanted something to keep the cover of my Moleskine Little Prince large journal fresh and new. Renaissance Art makes beautiful leather covers for Moleskine journals and other paper products, such as the Levenger Circa Notebooks, as well as Kindle and Nook covers, photo albums, laptop bags, and more.

I went with the large Traditional Leather Cover in Cranberry (although the Rust Orange was definitely in the running), which has a thinner cover than the rustic leather journals (1.2mm vs. 2.2mm). It has a texture that reminds me of eel skin, very smooth and shiny. This particular cover will also fit Ecosystem large journals, but not a Rhodia webbie. (The above picture compares the two widths; the Ecosystem is just a bit wider, but will fit in the Renaissance Art cover.)

The sewing is firm and tight, and the back cover has a slit for an elastic band closure to come through if you want to use that to secure your journal. There is no front closure on this cover, while other designs have snaps or ties to keep them closed so using the elastic band is necessary. I'm not fond of the band showing through, and am not particularly concerned about others reading through--it's got all my knitting projects and patterns, as well as noting mistakes and prayers to the Yarn Goddess.

Overall a very good leather cover, and I'll be looking at the smaller Traditional Cover for my Field Notes journals.


  1. I bought a custom wrap for my journal from the same company. I love the leather detail and it has held up quite well! However, I would not spend the extra $5 on a pen loop. They glue the pen loop to the leather. In my case, the loop fell off and now I have this sticky area near the flap.

  2. Ohh that's lovely. If I wasn't a vegetarian, I'd be all over that! Leather has such a distinguished, classic look.

  3. Eliza, I have a co-worker who's a vegan and environmentalist--a true believer,too. If he goes leather, he's participating in corporate animal cruelty; if he goes plastic, he's depleting non-renewable petroleum. I told him to make allowances for practicalities, but make sure you make a mental note of that. Besides,I told him, your income's in the lower third--you're consuming a lot less of everything than higher-income folks.

    Diane, RA does have nice stuff. Wish I could talk myself into needing the durability and good looks of leather. Jack/Youngstown

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us Pocket Blonde - darn now I will have to go and buy some of those covers!