Friday, September 30, 2011

Moleskine 2012 Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner

For the past three or four years I've used a Day Timer as my office planner, keeping my personal planner (a Quo Vadis) separately. But a local bookstore has been in trouble financially and last week there was a "buy-a-book weekend" to help them out. For some reason I just couldn't find any books I wanted to read when I saw the Moleskine section and this Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner in particular. I grabbed it and headed for the check out, feeling both virtuous and organized.

At the front of the Notebook is a Personal Data page that I don't think I would ever fill out in its entirety, especially the financial and credit card data. They want you to put down your number, or just the bank name? So when you lose it your identity theft will go much smoother? Name, address, and phone number will suffice for me, though I am curious about my blood type and should ask my doctor.

Lots of different information in these Moleskines, with a selection of calendars at the beginning such as this monthly at-a-glance.

You also get international holidays, measurement equivalents and temperature conversion tables, time zone information, pages for travel plans and memories, and an international sizing chart so you can convert the size of a pair of women's jeans in the US with Great Britain, Denmark, France, and Italy (12, 32,32, 32, 32, and 32 respectively--I look at that and think that one country seems to be marching to its own drummer).

One handy feature is this ruler, for taking approximate measurements. I've found the inside ruler in my Field Notes notebooks very handy when I can't find my tape measure and I want to get an idea of how much knitting I've done or have left. This will also be useful for those times at my desk when I can't find a ruler and need a measurement.

This was the main reason I chose the Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner, the right hand lined page where I can make free-hand notes outside of the date. Sometimes I need more space, or just want to write something other than a work schedule. As I don't like writing things that I've done on a Wednesday in the Thursday space, so I wanted a large, basically blank page to use for my weekly jottings.

Final picture is of the back of the Moleskine and it's well-known envelope. Included are these sets of adhesive labels for easy reminders of things to do or whatever.

I'm looking forward to using this, and glad I could support one of the few remaining (and historic) independent bookstores in Manhattan.


  1. It's funny that you just posted this. I just (today) picked up a couple of these. I used one for this year, downsizing from the desk size last year. This will be my third consecutive year with a Moleskine planner and I can't think of a reason to switch.

  2. I bought one similar to this one but it was a two year planner. Personally I hate it. I love the way it's set up. The pocket on the back and the stickers are cool and very useful. But and it's a big but I can't use any of my fountain pens with it. The pages aren't think enough to blot out what was written on the page before. I can't write using a gel ink pen either because it'll just bled thru as well. I have to use a cheap rollerball. I'm planning to get a different type maybe a QueVais

  3. Micalela, that's one of the problems with Moleskines in general. I'm giving up my fountain pens for this planner, as well as gel ink pens. Fortunately I keep a few nice ball points at the office, but I'd rather not have to limit myself. The Quo Vadis are very nice, and for the most part the paper is great to use with every type of pen.

    Michael Francis, I love the way these looks and decided to give up my Day Timer, which is too large for my desk even using the smaller size (Jr. ?). It will be nice to free up some space. :)