Thursday, September 1, 2011

BIC ReAction Ball Pen

I think I bought this two-pack of BIC ReAction pens for the color combination, black and green (kind of Frankenstein-ish, now that I think about it), more than for a chance to sample the pen. It's one of the BIC Ecolution sustainable development pens, 74% recycled plastic.

The pen barrel is hard plastic with grip lines. There's a green clear plastic plunger that's very bright, as well as a green swirly plastic piece inside the plunger that is likely the pen's "exclusive shock absorbing spring system" advertised on the packaging. I like the pen's slightly-curved, hourglass silhouette and the use of matte and glossy black as well as green print on the clip.

The ReAction has a 1.0mm medium tip, the width isn't too extreme and the ink doesn't seem to smear or blob. Good smooth writing all in all, a great addition to the writing collection.


  1. I'm finding these black and green FrankenBICs strangely attractive.
    The ink seems to look more like pencil than ink. It could be you get used to the intensity of gel blacks compared to normal ball points.

    I hope they are released in Oz.


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