Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Best Brother Ever

This showed up today at my office, a gift from my brother: a Parker Duofold Senior Lucky Curve fountain pen and pencil set in jade green. The barrel imprint is quite good, and is marked "Geo S. Parker Duofold Fountain Pen Janesville, WIS Lucky Curve Pat 4-25-11." The pen was manufactured in the 1920s (1923 to 1927 for this cap band from what I've read), and the barrel shows the ink discoloration typical of this pen. Posted the pen measures about 6.75 inches. And there's a matching pencil for added glam!

My brother bought the set and had it totally overhauled by Ron Zorn of Main Street Pens. It's a great looking pen, with just a small crack in the cap that's not really noticeable (pushing down too far when posting it is the likely explanation). I've wanted a Duofold for some time, and getting both a Senior and a Lucky Curve (the nib and filling system, although that may have been switched out) are heaven. Many thanks DFB!


  1. Nice! I saw a 1920s ad for a Parker "Duette" fountain pen and propelling pencil set at $8 to $11, a week's pay back then for a soda jerk or file clerk. Jack/Youngstown

  2. Jealous! It looks fabulous. How thrilling it must be to hold a piece of history. I love wearing vintage jewelry and imagining who might've worn it before, and when. Pens are the same--so personal but adaptable.


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