Wednesday, September 14, 2011

@LostCrates September 2011 Box

My September 2011 Lost Crates box arrived, and it's an impressive lot of paper and office supplies that focuses on Kikkerland products.

Just one problem with this month's shipment: the box was closed but not sealed. So I have to congratulate the United States Postal Service employees on their restraint, as anyone could have opened it, taken everything, and shipped an empty box.

Just a great assortment of products this month, I'll be writing reviews over the next few weeks as I start to use some of these.

From upper left:

Kikkerland Silver bullet highlighters (they look like lipsticks, what a great design)

Daiso fountain pen (0.5mm nib, can't wait to try this)

Kikkerland tape dispenser and a roll of clear green tape (this should be fun)

Leuchtturm 1917 large plain notebook (been meaning to try this)

Revolver small journal (my first product interview for Pocket Blonde was with Ellen, so I'm looking forward to using this)

(The title contains the Twitter nick as I've set my blog to automatically tweet, and I wanted to make sure LC sees the mention)


  1. That looks like a nice selection! I'm looking forward to the fountain pen review -- looks like a nice little pen from the photo.

    I'm always intrigued by the Japanese packaging for pens, because the ink colour names are nearly always written in katakana (used for foreign words) even when there are kanji and Japanese words for the same colour. Haven't quite figured out why that is, yet...

  2. I'm trying to figure this package out, actually. The wrapper states the pen was made in China, and the top left hand corner of the front says both Fountain Pen and Stylo a encre, the only French on the wrapper. There are a few English translated sentences on the back, but no French. Weird.

    The pen's nib is marked with a large "P" in the same style as Platinum, but this is definitely not one of theirs.

  3. Nice - makes me wish I could afford a subscription :(

  4. Great review! I cant wait for my first Lost Crates! I read your review on and signed up right away. Thanks!