Thursday, October 28, 2010

Uni-ball Vision with Midnight Gel Ink

Rooting around the pens at Art Brown some time back I found this Uni-ball Vision in the particularly unique shade of Midnight, blue-black with a hint of gray in it. The pen itself seems to be very old, as half the ink looks like it evaporated and the pen tip sometimes refuses to move across the page.

I certainly have quite a few Uni-ball Vision pens and wasn't really looking to replace the Elite, which is an office and personal favorite. What I do like about this older Vision pen is the style of the barrel and cap, with a polycarbonate brushed finish that's really quite stunning in this midnight color and gently rounded ends.

I would love to see this color and style re-introduced, but will probably have to make do with the one I bought. I'm not in the market for older gel ink pens, although I do like finding unusual colors. The Vision Needle does have a choice of the Midnight color, but it's a draw as I'm not fond of needle point tips. Oh well, back to Muji!

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