Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plaisir Fountain Pen Giveaway @Note Booker, Esq

Note Booker, Esq has a review up of the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen in red, beautiful looking pen with a medium nib that writes quite...well, it's a beautiful looking pen, It's part of a giveaway, go red the review and leave a comment, contest is open through Halloween e'ven.


  1. NBE's giveaway had me chuckling over the down side of online-only (for many of us) retail. No department store display cases jammed w/ FPs, very few co-workers or friends who use 'em. I've read plenty of posts on different forums the last year saying something like, "If I'd only known about the XYZ pen, I wouldn't have bought all these others".:-} Jack/Youngstown