Saturday, October 16, 2010

NYC 2010 Pen Show Purchases (minus 1)

From Left to Right:

Parker Duofold striped red and blue, it carries the #2 so I believe it's from 1942 (and the pen I went to the show to find)

Waterman NOS red metallic lacquer medium nib;

Waterman NOS brown metallic lacquer with a medium nib;

a Twsbi fine nib (and met the twisby folks as well);

a Moore lever filler from around 1937 to 1940 (what an amazing flex nib);

a vintage Sheaffer Balance purchased from Ron Zorn with a cursive italic nib made by Pendleton Brown;

a Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion in Avenger Yellow, medium nib made into a cursive italic by PB;

Pilot Namiki 823 Smoke with a medium nib;

finally, a green retrofitted Parker Vacumatic made into a twist ballpen/rollerball by Carl Seidl of Pens of Dist-INK-tion.

The one pen missing is the Edison Huron bulb filler with a fine steel nib, should be available in 6 weeks or so.

Above right is a picture of Pendleton Brown (to the left) and another Fountain Pen Network member (I think he's Jonathan). PB remade four nibs for me, three into cursive italics and one is a stubby something-not really an italic, not really a stub, something in-between but not either. I love it. :)


  1. You found some nice stuff. I wanted to attend on Sunday, but the schedule looks a little too tight. Maybe another time. I'll be looking for your review on the Twsbi

  2. Wow! A Buying Frenzy. Did you plan on purchasing so many great FP when you went? What kind of budget did you have?

    Did you pick up any journals or ink too?

  3. Surfbits, I hadn't planned on buying that many and was only thinking of spending $200 to $300 total on a vintage pen and a modern. Didn't quite work out that way, as you can see. The total came to just a bit more than I paid for my MacBook, but I only have one of those. :)

    I bought several Rhodia notebooks (large ring notebooks, which remind me of the Meeting Book) and a bottle of Sailor Gentle Blue Black Ink, both from Swisher pens. Not too many ink/journals for sale, Swisher always brings some but not the other dealers. I must say that the Waterman inks used by Ron Zorn and Pendleton Brown for testing nibs are very nice, I'm going to have to look into a bottle or two.

    And I'm glad I did buy at least two of those pens (the Moore and the Parker Duofold) as the sellers were there on Friday but not on Saturday. These were the two pens I was actually looking for at the show.