Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sheaffer Slender Balance

This is one of the pens I found on Ron Zorn's website that I really wanted to see in person, along with the military-style Sheaffer (the pen clip is on backwards so that a pocket flap will lie straight over it and not show, per military dress code).

Green striped celluloid with gold accents won out, and I then took it over to Pendleton Brown to have the nib made into a cursive italic.

Per the website, the pen's overall grade is excellent, the metal is perfect and the nib is in excellent condition. It's an extra fine #3 point, and a lever filler. The pen measures 5 3/8 inches capped, and the jeweler's cap band is in perfect condition.

It's a very light, slender pen, and I almost don't feel it in my hand as there's no weight to it relative to some of my other pens. The cursive italic nib gives it some extra kick, although the pen itself just sitting on a table is fantastic all by itself.

What I loved about the pen is the ambered yet clear section, which when you see it next to the green celluloid looks very distinctive. It happens to be among my favorite color combinations, a lucky happenstance that adds to this Sheaffer Slender Balance's overall appeal.