Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pilot BP-S Medium Ballpen

A pen I haven't used in many yeas is this Pilot BP-S ballpen with a medium point. I'd forgotten how good a pen this is, very smooth writer with ink that flows well with no skipping. More importantly, the ink doesn't blob when you stop writing and start again, leaving ink stains on paper and hands.

The design of the BP-S is impressive as well. It's a long-looking pen, which I think is partly due to the sculpted cap (for those who like to chew on the cap, the Pilot BP-S is dessert). The grip is ribbed plastic, and the barrel is a pale blue with an almost crystal sheen to it. The tip of the pen extends out a bit more from the end of the barrel, and the silver metal casing around the barrel makes a nice counterpoint to the plastic. Nicely designed and a good working ballpen if you need one for your every day work. At $1.25 it's less than many of the gel inks but more than your standard BIC pens.


  1. The Pilot BP-S seems to write very well for a ballpoint in your picture. In fact much better than my blobby Papermate gel roller at work.

    Nice to see a review which mentions the chewability of the plastic cap. A definite consideration when lending pens to others.

  2. I remember these too! My fave was always the blue Bic clear pen although I did go through a phase of using black ink for a year or 2.