Friday, August 17, 2012

Lamy Tipo Rollerball

Looks like it's ready for take off

Once again, thanks to JetPens for supplying this Lamy Tipo Rollerball for review. It's one of the more interesting designs I've seen, and has 'fun' written all over it. Check out OfficeSupplyGeek's review of the Tipo as well.

First, the box (couldn't get a good picture of it, so I'm borrowing one from JetPens). That has to be the coolest packaging I've ever seen, something like a trapezoid shape that flips open and reveals the pen like a single flower in a vase. Very spare and definitely amazing.

The pen itself has a big diameter, definitely not your slim Hi-Tec-C or Cavalier. The plastic grip and barrel are sturdy, and feel like they can take some rough handling.

The really interesting feature is the clip, which keeps the pen from accidentally staining your pocket.

There's a small hole in the side of the pen that catches the clip, so when the tip is extended the clip won't work. Of course, if you're used to just stuffing the pen in your pocket rather than clipping it, this won't work. But for the more precise pen users among us who appreciate and use their clips, this is ideal.

I like the medium rollerball cartridge that comes with this pen, but I'm sure you can swap out for a finer point. Great handfeel, four colors to choose from, and not exceptionally expensive in a refillable rollerball.

Very simple design for this pen, just a barrel, grip, and the rollerball ink cartridge. There's a spring inside the grip area that doesn't come out, something I'm always worried about losing with my other retractable pens.

The Tipo is a great addition to Lamy's pen lineup, and worth a look if you're interested in adding a new rollerball to your collection.