Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Interesting Pencil Blog

Was talking with someone about Sheaffer military clip fountain pens and did a quick search for some more information, when I came across this blog post about military clip pencils from Leadheadpencils.  Hadn't thought about a pencil, but of course there would be one. Lots of great posts from a true pencil lover, do stop by.


  1. Leadheadpencils is Jonathan Veley of Newark, Ohio, right? If so, I corresponded with him a while back. Tried to persuade my local library to invite him for a show-and-tell and book-signing. No luck.

    I love my local library folks, but never underestimate the petty bureaucratic jealousy of an official who feels he hasn't been stroked enough.

  2. That was my post above. Jack/Youngstown


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