Friday, August 24, 2012

A Pair of Purple Pens

Many thanks again to JetPens for sending these to me, I love purple and wanted to give them a try. The top pen is a violet purple Uni-ball Noble Metallic gel ink pen, with a slim outline and curved clip.  The bottom pen is a lavender purple black Uni-ball Signo RT UM-138.

Both pens write well.  The Noble Metallic has a 0.8mm tip, which felt and looked too broad for my regular use but would make a great accent pen when I want to note something but don't want to use a highlighter. The color is very metallic, and while the ink starts out dark it dries to a lighter, more sparkly color.  If you're looking for dark purple this isn't it, but for color work or accents this is a great choice. Not an everyday-use type of pen for me, but something I'd definitely keep in my lineup when I wanted to add some smiles to my writing.

The Signo is more my style, a very deep purple with just a touch of black to it.  When I double shaded the Signo it was definitely much darker and richer in color.  The 0.38mm tip is perfect for writing, gives a very sharp line that is still broad enough to see the purple-black color but not too broad so my writing goes wonky.  Definitely a pen you want to put in your daily arsenal, maybe with the Signo's Bordeaux Black pen as well.


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