Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TWSBI & Cappuccino

The TWSBI lounging around the B Cup Cafe next to my large Rhodia Webbie. This is truly an excellent pen, it writes like a rollerball that's how smooth the nib is on the paper. I'm working on a review, but this is something you want to check out.


  1. Geez, Diane, it's like you're reading my mind lately! You posted about a silky black Parker Latitude yesterday (waiting for mine to arrive in the mail) and today, the TWBSI (which I received in the mail yesterday, and which I love so far). How do you do it?

    Okay, here's a test . . . what pen am I thinning of right now?

  2. Not sure about the pen, but I'm thinking of a Parker Duofold. :)

    The TWSBI (twisbee, as I hear it in my head) is an absolutely amazing pen. When I first heard of it I cringed--design by committee (in this case, a Fountain Pen Network forum) just doesn't sound like a good move. But this is one of the best pens I've ever used.

    You'll love the Latitude too, but if you have any problems with the nib you'll have a decent idea what's wrong.

    So what pen are you thinking of right now?

  3. Don;t remember what I was thinking of when I left that comment, but right now, the Latitude is on my mind. It still hasn''t arrived!

  4. Hi Diane, Am hoping you will be able to offer a little bit of info to a wannabe-Twisber (?) in the UK who absolutely loves the idea of this pen, but has a couple of questions.

    I hope you don't mind me posting them here, but I was just browsing eBay, found one but realised it didn't stipulate a whole lot of information about the workings of it. And I knew from reading your blog that you had one, so I figured I'd come ask someone in the know!

    Basically, I'm unsure as to how the ink system works. I know that it's a piston based filler system, but from what I could gather from the website (not a whole lot of info in English and the photos just sort of confuddled me!) it requires a specific kind of ink bottle that works in sync with the pen? Is that right? And if so, does the ink bottle come with the purchase of the pen? Is it an empty bottle that you fill with your own ink or is it supplied already filled with their own ink?

    And one more question, which size nib have you gone for? I prefer a fine nib for the most part, but am aware of the Asian pen manufacturers tendency towards making their M nibs more like our F ones and so on.

    Any information you can give me regarding the above would be GREATLY appreciated as I would really love to just go ahead and buy one of these beautiful pens!

    Many thanks

    Bex (in the Isle of Man!)

  5. Bottle is optional (and not available yet - have to wait few more months). It is normally filled like any piston filler by submerging nib in ink and operating piston.

    The inkwell design allows you to fill it in innovative way - you unscrew nib section, connect it to special tube in inkwell, and operate piston - clean fill, no need to wipe nib.

    BTW the inkwell also works with other pens - great design, with internal inkwell like e.g. Parker Penman inks or Pilot inks.

    Adam (Fanatyk on Fountain Pen Network)

  6. https://www.behance.net/gallery/46450923/_