Thursday, October 14, 2010

Franklin Covey Padfolio

My new Target store on 117th Street carries a small selection of Franklin Covey products, and while looking through the various planners I came across several smallish (6x9) padfolios. A few were pretty garish and/or missing the price, but this pink padfolio with orange trim and bright orange inner lining caught my eye (how could it not, it practically glows in the dark).

The cloth padfolio has a small pen/pencil holder on the side that can get in the way, but otherwise it's perfect for my favorite Rhodia notepad, the No. 16. The only small problem was that getting the pad into the back pocket was a tight fit, and that's when I discovered that the Rhodia's black back cover isn't attached to the thicker backing. Took a minute or two before the cloth had loosened enough to get the entire Rhodia in place and to my liking, and now it's my favorite carryall.

The price is $9.95 for the pad folio, and you may have a better selection than the few at my store. There's a pocket for notes, receipts, whatever you need to carry. This isn't listed on the Franklin Covey website, so these could be special to Target. Definitely a fun purchase, and with winter on the way it will brighten up meetings.