Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seven Year Pen by Seltzer

When I first started seeing the Seven Year Pen at the National Stationery Show and a few shops, I did think it was a bit gimmicky--seven years of continuous writing with one ink refill sounded like a gag. So while I wasn't planning on buying one I was pleased when a blue one showed up in my latest Lost Crates shipment.

Seltzer is a New York design company that creates greeting cards, art prints, stationery, and other gift items. They use recycled materials in their products and keep an eye on how much waste they may be generating--the Seven Year Pen, while I can't tell if it's made out of recycled plastic, is made with a jumbo ink cartridge that fills more of the barrel's circumference, so you can write up to 1.7 meters a day for seven years. As you don't have to throw out the pen or the ink cartridge for a long time, this reduces waste (and saves you a few dollars as well).

It's an odd-looking pen, with the clip curving into the end of the barrel. I do like the rounded, curvy design, I just feel like trying to spin the circular piece at the curve of the clip. The pen has a swivel mechanism to bring the tip up and down, and I would say the line is in the medium width, possibly a 0.7mm but could be a 0.5mm. So if you like broader lines, this is for you.

What really got me interested was how smooth the cartridge tip feels when writing. The ink really does glide on the paper, and it's a very enjoyable feeling. I don't feel myself gripping the barrel as hard, pushing down for better ink flow. If you have a chance to test one out, I think you'll be pleased with the feel and look of this pen. Whether you want one for seven years (they are refillable, too) is another matter.


  1. Very nice... and it comes in a wide range of very cute designs.

    But, they're $7.50 each, which buys a lot of refills!!


  2. Maybe throne I bought was a dud but it wrote so poorly, scratchy and blobs that I returned it:(

  3. Loved mine! Looking for refill; I write alot so I was not suprised the pen only lasted 26 months but was thrill, as no pen I
    have used lasted longer than 6 months

  4. Which design does your pen have? I don't remember ever seeing one with a sun on the side