Monday, January 2, 2012

The Cloister

Some pictures from a trip to The Cloister last week, enjoy. Vacation is almost over, so I'm lining up posts for the new year.

A saint riding on a donkey.

This is interesting, these are reliquaries for the skulls of three female saints. They are beautiful although a tad grisly.

A very detailed statue of the Virgin Mary.

One of the lower rooms, filled with various noble tombs.

Out in the herb garden, looking at one of the towers.

The iconic image of the Cloister is this unicorn tapestry. Couldn't get a good picture from the front, too many people (like me, lol).

A side chamber with a magnificent vaulted ceiling.

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  1. These snaps brought a lot to mind; I'll just stick to one thought: how much startlingly accomplished work has been done by unnamed, uncredited, or little-known people, often at compensation that's nowhere close to the value they've added to the world. Jack/Youngstown