Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Carezza Triple Pen Sleeve from @Levenger

One of the nicest pen sleeves I've seen is this Carezza ("caress" in Italian) soft pen sleeve for three pens offered by Levenger. It's beautifully soft leather in either black or eggplant, and has an equally soft suede beige lining. Above from left to right are the Golden Tortoise and Kyoto True Writer fountain pens, along with a new pen from my brother that I'll be writing about soon.

I love soft pen sleeves and cases, for me the seem easier to handle although the leather seems to be more easily scratched and so wears faster. But I've had hard leather cases get scratched, and the mark seems to be scored into the leather it's so deep. So it's always difficult to decide which to go with, but the trio (there's another for two pens) is just the right number of pens for me and the deep purple eggplant color is beautiful.

The stitching in a contrasting lighter color gives a nice design element to the trio, while the suede lining gives a touch of padding that will keep the pens safe in case of jostling or being dropped a short distance.

We'll see how the trio holds up in my handbag, but so far the past three weeks haven't taken a toll on the leather. It's both beautiful and practical, a lovely melding of the two aesthetics.


  1. I've had this pen case in the same color for over a year. It's held up very well. Over time the pen slots "loosen up" a wee bit and so you need to take care how you carry the case so that nothing falls out. Uh, yes, that means don't carry it up side down. *ahem* I did it. I confess. The pen was unharmed.

    Nice! Look forward to hearing about your new pen.

  2. How is this with oversize pens: MB 149 and the like? If they won't fit now, does the case look like it will stretch?

    Not that I need a new case, but...


  3. peaceablewriter, I did discover the magic of gravity when I accidentally held the case upside down and discovered my new Nakaya Decapod at my feet. No damage to the pen, but I wondered if something with a closure would have been better fora person whose default setting is clumsy.

    The case looks like it will stretch, but I'll have to look around for my Pilot Namiki 823 to see how it works. Or borrow my friends MB 149.

  4. Well I like the case, It makes a lot of sense to carry a few pens with you. I carry my messenger bag with me and my notebook/ planner/ and pens go right with me. I really like the pen wrap too.

  5. Glue-on Velcro tabs? Jack/Youngstown

  6. Maybe stitch something to the case to make it obvious which way is up? It would also add a touch of personalization.