Friday, April 1, 2011

Sharpie Fine Marker

I finally got around to picking up a pack of the re-designed Sharpie fine markers, and love the new look. I also am glad that Sharpie put the elusive purple, orange, and green markers in one package, so I can have my favorite colors all together rather than mixed in with the black and blue and red ones (kind of like buying M&Ms for the green ones).

The new design is very attractive and user-friendly, the grip doesn't cramp the hand and the curves of the plastic mold make this more contemporary and less hard-edged than the original fine markers. Silver and black is one of my favorite color combinations, so I'm pleased to see it used in a nicely-designed Sharpie everyday marker.

The Sharpie fine markers don't bleed through the paper, so they are great to use instead of an ordinary gel ink pen. The green marker is a bit light, but the orange and purple are bright and engaging on the paper. Sharpie fine markers are a great addition to their product line up, and the silver and black design makes it an even better choice.


  1. These look very classy. Are the cap and the silver tip metal?

  2. Sadly, the cap and end are just a shiny plastic, but I would love if they made a higher-grade model with metal, especially if they were refillable. Either way, these are definitely worth picking up.

  3. That would be something, a limited edition Sharpie fine marker with silver metal cap and tip. I wonder if it's possible to make a prototype? Hmmmmmm.