Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maruman Notes de Memo

Maruman makes a line of very small (about 3x4) memo pads
called Notes de Memo Baby Color, double ring bound notepad that feature vinyl front and back covers in a reporter-style format. The baby color is pastel, and there are five colors to choose from, including the mint, blue, and orange above.

Not a bad little notepad if you need to jot a line or two. The pad has 13 lines with 6mm spacing, and the top is scored so you can remove the paper without tearing it from the rings (and creating confetti and ragged ends).

There is no hard back to this notepad, so notes need to be kept short or you need to find a surface that will support the paper.

Definitely cute, and pretty easy to carry in a purse or pocket. The Baby Color heading may be too cute for those used to the more grown-up Field Notes and Doane Paper, so these might be of greater interest and use for a younger, budding notebook and paper addict. They are available at Kinokuniya, and likely other stores that carry Japanese papers.

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  1. The Sydney Kinokuniya finally had some of these in orange, blue and green. Nice looking with an interestingly flexible cover. Unfortunately the show stopper for me was a $3.50 notebook with only 30 pages as the equivalent Rhodia has 80 pages!