Monday, April 25, 2011

Muji Aluminum Ballpoint Pen

I saw an interesting hexagonal ballpoint pen on Muji's website and was curious to see it in person, so off to a shop I went to have a look. But there were no metal pens like that in the store. What they did have was a ballpoint that looks like their aluminum fountain pen. Measuring about 5 1/3 inches when capped, the Mulji aluminum ballpoint has a needle point tip that produces a 0.7mm width line.

The aluminum ballpoint has one of the nicest oil-based inks I've used in some time, although there is some blotting so smearing is likely. It's a light-weight pen, with a brushed grip that is easy on the fingers and a shiny, polished metal barrel and capt.

The ink cartridge is one of the biggest I've seen, and surprising since Muji gel ink pens tend to use very think ink refills. The aluminum ballpoint is pricey ($16.50 plus tax), and may be in the phase-out stage as it's not on the website. It might also be an in-store only purchase, while the hexagonal ballpoint is online only. It's an interesting pen, and one that I'll be carrying with me for the times I need something other than a fountain pen to make a quick note.


  1. These are great aluminium needle point easy flow
    ball pens and have bought many from Muji over the years but unfortunately they Muji stores do not appear yo stock them or the refills any more! I now have several empty aluminium pen cases on my desk.

    1. That's what I thought, until I did a little search and found that the Itoya "Parker Style Compatible" gel ink refill, 0.7mm fine, works just fine. Got a two-pack from Amazon.

  2. That's right. No more refills. It's a shame, since I love this pen and have the matching fountain pen and pencil in an aluminum case. Sigh...

  3. If anyone happens to reads this comment, and has one or more of these Muji aluminum-barrelled pens (with cap) available for sale, I'm interested to buy. I bought three in London in 2005, and bought the last ten available refills by mail from the Muji store in NYC in August 2009. Two of my three pens are gone, but I still have most of the excellent ink cartridges -- the best ballpoint cartridges I've ever used, hands down. I'll check here about once a month to see if anyone has responded. Thanks.

  4. I've still got mine, I love the design, but it's dented now so doesn't look so good, never found another pen quite like it!

  5. People in the office always comment on how nice this pen is. I wish Muji continues to make it.

  6. I am looking to purchase this pen from anyone that is willing to part with it. I have the fountain pen version and would like to pair it up with the ballpoint for my EDC.

  7. This week I saw for sale in central London a fountain pen, a 0.5 mm pencil, and a 'pen' using a gel ink ballpoint refill type 'C' such as is being discussed. All were 'collapsible', but without the machined finger grip. Regrettably they had no refills for the 'pen' in stock - I was looking for one for my Muji black aluminium hexagonal pen. I thought it was just me that was frustrated by the lack of refills!