Monday, April 11, 2011

Diamine New Century Teal

Looking through Diamine inks at Art Brown, I thought I'd given this Diamine New Century Teal a tryout. The swab is next to Diamine's Twilight for contrast, and you can really see that this Teal has more green in it. Writing in a Sailor Reglus fountain pen with a fine nib, the Teal looks very green with just a hint of blue in it.

The Teal isn't waterproof, and it does take a few seconds to dry. If you're looking for a blue-green that's heavier on the green then Diamine New Century Teal is a great choice. This is really the color I was looking for when I bought Iroshizuku's Syo-Ro, which is described as dark turquoise but seems less green.


  1. Lovely colors, and great for this season! I think I'm going to pick up one of them next time I'm at the pen shop!