Monday, June 7, 2010

Pelikan Technixx Fountain Pen

Recently added to my fountain pen collection is this Pelikan Technixx medium nib fountain pen. This has to be one of the best representations of German precision and detail-oriented thinking I've ever seen, starting with the metal case.

First, the color--it's a really deep blue brushed metal finish (aluminum, I think). The brush finish gives the barrel a softness that kind of tickles the fingers.

What really caught my eye is the spring motion solid clip on the cap. When I was going over the pen visually I must have spent 20 or 30 seconds just looking at the clip, which is just an amazing piece of solid metal held in place by two small screws.

Ever post a cap on a fountain pen and then worried it might fall off? That definitely won't happen with the Technixx, as there is a small, round metal disc on the end of the barrel that catches in the cap and mades a very audible click when posted. It reminds me of a lipstick being closed, and is another fine detail that sets this pen apart.

Finally, the nib is impressive. It's just a regular steel nib, but for some reason the pen's body makes it look slimmer and longer when writing. It isn't but it's a great trick on the eyes.

In addition, I was very impressed with the way the pen handled the Noodler's Blue Manhattan ink: I tried the pen out, put it away for two weeks, then uncapped it and started writing immediately. No shaking the pen to get ink into the capillary, no dry ink marks on the paper as I tried to get ink through the nib, it just worked even after sitting on a table all alone for two weeks. The nib is very wet, but that could be the Noodler's or it could be the nib so I'll give it a try with some Iroshizuku. It writes well and smoothly if a bit on the wet side, but I'm still not a medium-nib fan so I'm considering an adjustment of some sort.

The pen can use cartridges or a converter, I chose the latter which is seen in the above pic. Swisher Pens has the Technixx (blue medium nib only) in its clearance section if you're interested.


  1. Pelikan got their start as a pen company (they were originally an ink & dye maker) by making pens of precision components.

    At the time even mass-produced pen components needed hand-fitting. Pelikan made use of newly available precision machines allowing production of components that were interchangable.

    This reduced not only production cost but allowed retailers to reduce their stock (instead of complete pens with every nib size they could stock fewer pens and swap nibs as required) and retailers could also perform many repairs (a replacement cap would fit with no special skill required).

  2. Thanks for this info, MikeWas. I only have one Pelikan, a Pelicano, so I'm really not too familiar with the line. But the Technixx is amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their pens.