Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Noodler's G.I. Green Ink

While browsing the inks at Art Brown International Pen Shop recently I came across the Noodler's V-Mail series, and suddenly realized I don't own any green inks. This was immediately rectified, and I left with a bottle of G.I. Green. I wasn't sure if this was the original or re-mixed version, but browsing around Foundation Pen Network leads me to conclude this is the new green. It doesn't fade to olive khaki with an orange halo, but stays a vibrant combat green.

The green color is definitely intense, and was very noticeable even using my Pilot Namiki Custom 74 fine point. I do love the 3 oz bottle it comes in, with the pictures of different war planes on it. Definitely a great color and shades nicely, with not too much ink creep on the nib.


  1. Norman Haase at His Nibs.com sometimes uses a chocolate brown ink for business correspondence. It works. Green ink was reserved for higher-level officials at one time in Europe. I've yet to make the leap from black, but, yeah, PB, the G. I. Green looks good.

    How 'bout if our major pen, paper, and ink manufacturers do some joint ads to revive handwriting arts. Here's a sample single-page print ad concept:

    Background: blurred but recognizable computer keyboard, screen, printer, cables, ink cartridges, etc. Cluttered, messy styling.

    Foreground: crisp focus, over-the-hand view of gold-nibbed pen writing on fine stationery, engraved, watermarked.

    Sample "Writing": "I've loved you for longer . . .", "Thanks, Bob, for making that proposal work . . .", etc.

    Ad Copy/Theme: "You wouldn't spray paint these words with a machine, would you?"


  2. FOUNDATION Pen Network?
    lingerie and pens?
    sure to be a hit!

  3. My bad, lol. Think I'll leave it just for a giggle. :)

  4. I don't have the G.I. Green, but I have Green Marine and Sequoia, which is my current favorite green. Check them out.

  5. GrannyKass, thanks for the recs. I was looking at Green Marine and wondering how different it was from GI Green. Sequoia sounds like it should be reddish brown, for the redwoods. :)

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